Robart New LGM Serie Galvo Laser Machine is special designed with X-Y axes which into possible that it can be move blameless and also 3 axis High Speed Digital Galvonometrical Head System. The machine is providing that to make laser working thanks to this high characteristic and so it’s a Galvonometrical System which could be done laser in the 1500×3000 mm. working areas in which 5 axes big processed.

It’s been using German Rofin tubes is the best RF System is CO₂ laser in the world in the Galvo Laser System of the Robart New LGM Serie. Rofin tubes which is maintain to performance at high level for several years  is providing to industrial solutions.

Robart New LGM Serie Galvo Laser System is producing goods of your dreams by creating new trends in variety sectors.

Sectories which are used in:

  • In the Wood and decoration, such as wooden and processing to the derives of woods.. etc.
  • Interior and outer lighting, and with decoration works, Plexiglass punctuation, for designing works.. etc.
  • In the natural rock sectors, in processing to marble and granite products..
  • To be processed to leather in which  a tannery in the leather sector..
  • In processing to tissue and artificial leather in the textile sector and also variety sectors etc..



Electric: Monophase 200 VAC-240 VAC, 50 Hz Threephase 380 VAC, 50 Hz

Sizes (width x length x height): Max.2100x4000x2000 mm.

Max Working Area: 1500×3000 mm.

Laser Line Movement: Galvonometrical hatching

Repitition of position: 0,063 mm.

Sensitiveness of position: 0,50 mm. 

Max Processing area at one go: 800 x 800 mm.

Resource of Laser:  CO₂ laser water cooling

Laser Power (Optional): 125 W-175 W-250 W-450 W.

Processing Speed: till up to 20.000 mm/second.

Supporting: CAD Drawings (dwg, dxf, plt, hgl, hg, eps) and Raster formats (wmf, bmp, jpg, gif).

The design which is the 3000 mm in Y axis and till up to 1500 mm. in which X axis can be working at one go by dividing.

To be given starting endless in X and Y axes with Software supporting.

To be determined for Material’s place with virtual laser lighting.

High speed, high efficiency and quality.

Variety spare part and quarantee of service  rapidly..

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