RGM Series 5 – Axis Galvo Laser Cutting and Marking Machine

How It Works

In high-volume jobs, it is possible multi aligning facility with assistance of moving head on X axis.

It can divide patterns which on X axis 1500 mm and on Y axis 1000 mm. Also it can process these patterns at one go.

It has one touch height control system with assistance of intagrated reducer.

It has sensitive height control system with assistance of digital altimeter.

Supporting Formats : sjf, dwg, dxf, plt, hgl, hg, eps, wmf, bmp, jpg, gif .


Product Benefits

Determination of material position with virtual laser light.

Quality jobs at high speed and high efficiency.

Long life with assistance of German Rofin Power Supply.

1000mm x 1000 mm max. processing area at one time.

Much spare parts and Technical Service Qurantee.


Field of Application

shoe sector, bag sector, leather ready-to-wear, belt, leathercraft, leather accessory, fabric accessory, promotion, embroidery, cutting of stone mold an etc. , cutting of sheet and invitation, manufacturing of leather sticker, weaving, fent, perforation, making pattern, making pattern on marble, engraving pattern from marble, making pattern on wood, engraving pattern from wood, finishing.

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