Robart New FLM Serie Fiber Laser Machine was designed that can be work with high effiency capability to sensitive metal cutting and also it’s providing to industrial solutions for several years.

It’s possible that to achieve a result blameless for sensitive cutting with 100.000 santromer precitec cutting head- English product is SPI fiber Source quality, 18 micron laser calibre and so, it’s providing to minimum cutting cost.

It’s using for Galvanised (DKP) plate, Stainless Chrome plate, Aluminium and Copper plate cutting  etc…

It’s provided that professional solutions such as Advertisement, Metal, Jewellery, Accessories in variety sectors etc…



 Laser Source: Yb:Fiber-SPI

Output Power: 500 W

Wavelength: 1070 nm + 10 nm

Operation: CW or Modulated

Power Control: 0-10 V/PWM

Communication Protocol: RS232

Output Power Scale: %10-100

Laser Calibre: Single Mode 18 µm

M2:  < 1.1 (Nominal)

Cooling: Water Cooling (8 bar)

Working heat: 5 ˚ C – 40 ˚ C

Humidity range: %5- 85

Laser Life: 100.000 hour


 Machine Size: Height: 1500 mm. Length: 4000 mm.  Width: 2300 mm.

Total Weight: 3 Ton

Axes Speeds (x,y): 80 m/min.

Acceleration: 10 m/sn²

Cutting Sensitive: 0,02 mm.

Cutting Area: 1500 x 3000 mm.

Movement Mechanism: Cremayer & Pinyon

Engine Type: Servo Engine

Cutting Head: Precitec Light Cutter

Assist Gas Control: Electronic Pressure Control

Assist Gas: Nitrogen/Oxygen/Compressor Air

Total Power Necessity: 20 kW

Electric: AC 220 V

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